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Brain Works is a fascinating freeware application that asks you a series of question to answer two intriguing questions about the brain: whether you use the brain's left hemisphere more than the right, and whether you think visually or aurally (a key factor in determining your learning style).

The method by which Brain Works answers these two questions is simple: you go through a set of questionnaire, which feels like an IQ test or aptitude tests we all hated to take in high school-- except there is no "right" or "wrong" answer. Most of the questions will gauge how you perceive the relationship between two objects or words (i.e. you must pick a pair that you feel has the same relationship as the given pair). The questionnaire is visual, short (only 20 questions in total), and quite fun. The application contains enough questions that you will not likely get the same set of questions twice, so I recommened that you finish the questionaire more than once to reduce the margin of error. In addition to seeing the visual "brain usage profile" after you answer all 20 questions, you will also get a complete report which you can read on screen or print for future reference.

Although we all use a combination of right and left hemispheres of the brain in daily life, there is a tendency for one hemisphere to be dominant, and this affects how we think and respond to situations. Left-brained dominant people, for instance, tend to be more mathematically inclined than right-brainers. Therefore, in its attempt to provide some preliminary answers to these two questions, Brain Works is a meaningful tool that you could use to better understand yourself, or use as a guide to choosing careers. Although its report is far from comprehensive, and it is a bit too obvious to tell which multiple choice would indicate "left-brained" or otherwise, the program still provides some interesting insights into the way our brain works -- and how it affects our personality. All in all, an intriguing little freeware application that is well worth the time it takes to complete it.


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