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Periodic Table of the Elements is a fun, freeware program that contains the basic data about the element in six languages (Croatian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish). The best feature that sets it apart from similar titles is that it can visually simulate the change of each element's physical condition (e.g. transition from solid to liquid to gas) with the change in temperature. The language, the speed of temperature change, the exchange of elements or the scrolling of characteristics can be adjusted by changing configuration file.

In addition to presenting all the key information about each element in an easy-to-understand format, the program also includes a nice calculating module from the program "Chemistry Assistant" that allows you to quickly calculate the mole of mass compounds. The program also translates texts with chemical symbols or without them into mathematical terms. A nice feature is that the periodic table can be easily incorporated into a presentation by changing the background color to match your presentation slide. Overall, a very handy little freeware program that chemistry students and anyone who is curious about the subject would find tremendously useful.


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