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Circus is an excellent collection of edutainment games based on the circus theme. Designed to teach toddlers basic algebra, Circus offers 9 mini-games that span a good range of concepts, from number recognition, counting, to simple calculations. The game has no text, so children will not be hampered by having to read instructions. The games are all very easy to learn, and a nice touch is how most of them teach several concepts in sequence. For example, in one game you have to first select the right number that represents the number of objects a clown is holding, then watch as the elephant removes some of those objects away from the basket. Your job is then to pick the number that is being subtracted, and finally pick another number that is the equation's solution. This three-step approach is used in most of the mini-games, and this gives Circus more more variety and edutainment value than most games of its kind. If you have toddlers in your house who are just starting to learn math, Circus will keep them glued to the screen with colorful graphics, easy mouse-driven interface, and plenty of fun math games. Highly recommended!


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