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A text based quiz game about human sexuality. Dr. Ruth did the questions along with her researchers. It is a time based quiz game where you have multiple choice. These are not obvious and sometimes you have to choose the only true or false answer among the four or five choices. There is a countdown clock and your score also is modified by how fast you answer the questions.

It might seem like an adult game, but you should consider it as a VERY educational game. It's kind of a trivia game with a selection of carefully picked questions about sex that you can find very useful. You think you know all about sex? Think again and play this game. If you end up in positive score after first game - I salute you!

A trivia game featuring everyone's favorite sex therapist Dr. Ruth, this is a standard trivia game about you-know-what. Some questions are quite difficult even if you consider yourself an expert in the area . The game is played in real-time against the clock to prevent players from looking up the answers. With hundreds of questions and undeniable educational values from many medical questions, this is a good game for a party amongst close friends.

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