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Head on down to Australia and help solve a plethora of mysteries as an investigator in Gumboots Australia. This graphic adventure game plays like a somewhat managerial click and find type of game.

You start with almost no money and must travel from town to town looking for answers. Travelling isn't free of course so on the way you must do odd jobs to earn money to travel with car, bus, or airplane. Of course travelling with car or plane is the fastest but they're also the costliest. You've gotta take into account how much time you still have to solve the mystery otherwise you might have to ask your bosses for an extension. You have about eight chances to extend your deadline but each extension takes away a bonus point. Use your time wisely and accept jobs that pay the highest for the least amount of days to get to your destination. You should also remember to chart your travels accordingly, say if for example, you have to travel to capital cities so that you don't end up back-tracking and wasting time and money.

Once at your destination you can click investigate and search different locales for clues or answers. There are also random events that happen such as radio call-in shows where if you get the right answer you can earn some cash. Sometimes your actions can have dire consequences such as buying counterfeit goods or trying to help feral cats. These incidents can cost you money and or time to undo. Once the clues are all found you will collect a reward based on the time it took and the extensions you used up. Sometimes your job isn't just to solve mysteries however, on occasion you will just have to run some random errands for your bosses such as the mission that you get as a tutorial.

Other tools available to you on your quests are a notepad which generates important notes on its own and a database which you can use to search for keywords you think up of on your missions. The database can sometimes help you think of which locations could have the best leads.

Bushbuck Charms, Viking Ships and Voodoo Eggs and Gumboots Australia are among the best Carmen Sandiego "clones" after Broderbund popularized the "edutainment" concept with this series. In Bushbuck Charms, you must race either against the clock or a computer opponent to retrieve treasures from around the globe, while Gumboots is essentially Where in Australia is Carmen Sandiego?, except now you're tracking some other criminal mastermind. Both are good games with excellent on-line help and educational value, and you (or your kids) will learn a lot about the world's geography in the globe-spanning hunts.

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