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In Search of the Most Amazing Thing is a quest to find an incredible artifact, which is currently in the form of a golden metallic ball and supposedly holds great powers and perhaps the key to the meaning of life! To find the object, you pilot a B-liner given to you by your uncle, Smoke Bailey, who originally found The Most Amazing Thing but then lost it. The B-liner is something of a cross between a hot air balloon and a sci-fi dune buggy. When in flight (by way of the B-liner or jetpack), you navigate through storms and fog over Darksome Mire, home of the hut dwelling Mire People. When on land, the B-liner's special tires keep you from sinking in the sticky tar covering the ground.

After reaching the underground city of Metallica (no relation to the hard rock band formed in 1981) and Smoke's apartment, you receive advice and information -- avoid the fearsome Mire Crabs, eat the Popberries and get fuel for your vehicle from the Night Rocks. Uncle Smoke also gives you items to use in trade with robots for chips which can be used to purchase useful (and not so useful) gizmos at the Galactic Store. Household items include POSIX (an electronic trash destroyer), ESSEX (a digital lawnmower), LIFT 5 (a spare elevator button), ZENER (a radio-controlled pencil sharpener) and assorted other silly gadgets.

There are items of higher importance such as eight different flight control panel meters used to help operate the B-liner and five programs for the onboard computer system. These items help you locate huts, show the direction in which you're moving, translate important words and phrases, enable you to write songs for use in trade and much more. Each time you find The Most Amazing Thing, its location will change to provide impetus to play the game again.

The Adventures of Smoke Bailey, a 76-page novella by Jim Morrow is included in the package. Although an action game, the designers of In Search of the Most Amazing Thing promote it as an educational title. The following statement is printed on the box: "Educational Value: Sharpen your ability to estimate distances and quantities, become aware of distance, direction and time, solve problems through trial and error, and develop a knack for economic and monetary principles."

Your uncle, Smoke Bailey, was a great adventurer and explorer. In one of his adventurer's he found "The Most Amazing Thing", an item that holds the secrets of the universe. Unfortunately he lost it somewhere in the Mire. Now the wants you to take up the task and recover the object.

The Mire is a dangerous place, but your uncle has provided you a B-Liner as transportation as well as items you can sell at the auction at Metallica City, where you will use the money you need to buy equipment for your travels. Good luck!

In Search of the Most Amazing Thing is a very vast game, where game play is usually divided into 2 parts:


Diplomacy consists of how you find clues and information regarding the Most Amazing Thing. Early in the game, you only communicate with your Uncle Smoke to get items from him and sell them at the auction for the highest price. Later in the game when your adventuring, you will meet numerous strange Mire tribes where you will barter your goods and knowledge for clues to the Most Amazing Thing.


The B-Liner something between a balloon and a beach buggy. The Mire is a very big place and dangerous place, but with the B-Liner you can drive or fly across it in no time. Beware the Mire crabs though!

You have complete control of the course of the game. There is no linear path that you must follow, making this game a new experience every time you play the game, as each new game creates a random new world to explore.

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