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Learn about Astronomy, Learn about the Human Body, and Learn the Alphabet are three excellent edutainment titles in Compedia's underrated 'Top Class' series. Each title combines concise lectures (complete with clear diagrams and illustrations), quizzes, and mini-games into a captivating learning environment for kids. Learn about Alphabets has more fun mini-games than the other two games because it was designed for a younger age group: pre-schoolers who are learning ABCs. The driving game in particular - where you must type the letter shown on screen to weave through traffic - is a lot of fun even for adults, because it teaches typing skills in addition to alphabet recognition. The quizzes and lectures in Learn about Astronomy and Learn about Human Body are interesting, and will challenge anyone (like yours truly) who has 'returned the knowledge back to the school' immediately after graduation ;) With attractive graphics, well-written and accessible content, and fun quizzes and games, these Top Class titles are some of the most underrated edutainment programs ever made. Highly recommended!


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