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Back in the 80s having a printer was not something everyone could brag about and being able to print in color at home was really something. At that time it was also a sort of a prestigious thing to be able to print out your own party invitations, greeting cards and such. A special kind of programs appeared on the market which took this in consideration and started making printing utilities, where you were able to use pre-made popular characters in order to make fancy printout.

Peter Pan & Robin Hood Fairy Tale Factory isn't really a computer game, it's more of a printing utility, but it does have some additional features.

You get different sets of backgrounds and are able to place the characters in them. Unfortunately some of the characters are too big and that's why it's not always easy to add them to the desired position.

Now you can print the backgrounds with the characters (and some prompts or text in bubbles) as you would with a normal printing utility, or you can make several scenes and link them with a story, thus you can create your own little computerized fairy tale. It's a sort of a pop up book, where scenes you create pop out from the text you wrote. Again you get the option to print the whole story.

As the title suggests the backgrounds and characters are taken from the classic tales of Peter Pan and Robin Hood. Now if you want to make a futuristic fairy tale you're out of luck as the backgrounds don't look anything like it.

The program also features speech, as you can try and get some of the characters to say a simple word or two. This is great for exclamations during the interactive story (for instance, at an exciting point of the story you can have Tinker cry out with fear to set the mood).

So I guess this program will be a welcome addition to people with a semi-developed imagination. Those without one won't have anything to do with this program and those with a lot of imagination will find it too narrow. Still it might be worth a look and have you try to create your own version of these two classical tales.

Peter Pan & Robin Hood Fairy Tale Factory is yet another lackluster offering in Hi-Tech's line of entertainment titles for kids. The idea of the program is simple: kids can choose characters from Peter Pan or Robin Hood, put them in a setting of their choice, then add speech or write the story, which can then be saved or printed out. The selection of characters is quite small, and there is little variation in each character's gesture to leave room for creativity. There is only one picture of tinker bells, for example, who faces the right side, which means she'll have to be placed on the left side of the screen in every scene. Pretty dumb, if you ask me. There is really no reason to use this program unless you want to create a quick scene from these two stories. I doubt the program will appeal to anyone, and the kids in your family will probably get bored before long.


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