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Louise has a problem with her older sister, Sheila Rae. It's not that her sister ignores her or picks on her or teases her, it's that her sister is brave -- too brave. Sheila Rae claims she isn't afraid of anything and that causes her to take what seem like foolish risks to Louise.

Sheila Rae fights with the big, black dog at the end of the block. She bares her teeth to strange cats and growls at strange dogs. She rides her bike no-handed and with her eyes closed. She even does handstands on her bike in front of everyone. Sheila Rae, as she says and everyone else knows, is brave.

One day, Sheila Rae decides to walk home from school a new way and gets lost. She sits down and cries and thinks that she doesn't feel very brave today. Until Louise finds her and helps her find her way.

This book/game includes a text-reading and animated section, an exploring section, a find your way through maps game and a sing-along section with nine separate songs for kids to sing along with. This story explores the issues of bravery and how to find one's way. Louise finds out that no one is brave all the time and Sheila Rae sees that even her younger sister, who she thinks is a scaredy-cat, can be brave.

This is an excellent program for young girls and boys as the included booklet of suggestions expands upon the story by offering other books with similar themes and activities that complement and supplement parts of the program.

Graphics: Cartoony, but solid-looking and resembling those in the book.

Sound: Easy to hear and clear.

Enjoyment: Extremely enjoyable with many things to do and see.

Replay Value: The games and sing-alongs will keep kids coming back even after they are tired of the story.

Shelia Rae the Brave is an Interactive storybook based on the book by Kevin Henkes. Venture with Shelia Rae in her town and she'll show you how brave she is and how she loves her family. After the first part of the story is read, players can click all over the screen to find lots of hidden surprises. The game also includes a special Treasure Hunt game and a Sing Along section where players can listen to the characters songs that they sing in the story. There is even a demo section to take a short look at some other games by Living Books.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (88.1 MB).


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