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Piano is a great and relaxing music application coded by Luis Romero. The "game" is basically an interactive piano - you can play and record songs for playback later. What sets Piano apart from other interactive music programs is the amazing artistic value: there are two main graphical 'themes' in which you can create music: "real world" and "fantasy." Each theme has its own graphical backdrops, along with many "scripted" animations that enhances the atmosphere tremendously. You might see several butterflies fly across the screen to perch on piano keys while you are composing music, or watch the day turn into night. Compose a sad tune, and rain and leaves might start to fall in the background. In the fantasy theme, my favorite of the two, white crystalline piano keys hang suspended from the top of the screen, and flutter quietly while you press them. The program is very immersive thanks to a transparent interface: just move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to reveal the menu bar. Otherwise, it's just you, the piano, and wonderful animations that fit the mood perfectly. If you are looking for an artistic and relaxing application, Piano will surprise and delight you with its artistic merits. Mellow, cool, and very Zen. Highly recommended to music lovers and anyone who likes artistic programs.


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