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Rock and Bach Studio is the third game in the educational Adventures with Edison series. The game focuses on famous composers of classical music.

The plot revolves around a certain studio that produces musical video clips. Accompanied by Edison, the player takes part in whole life-cycle of such a production. First of all, the rock band consisting of 4 members (solo, bass, drums, and chord) is created. Song is selected from a list or composed based on riffs and chords after that. Based on the song, the video is produced in means of three aspects such as camera view, background, and special effects. Song and video contains 16 cycles, and it is the player's task to customize them. When the video clip is completed, it may be viewed in the studio's theater or sent to another game profile. There are four pre-defined video clips created by Edison himself.

Before the video production takes place, numerous adjustments may be made as well as musical information may be gained. For example, it is possible to adjust the looks and sounds of each item in drum base, customize the looks of the scene for a band, adjust the sound f/x, etc. Guitar riffs with keys and chords may be examined and played. Musical instruments, their history and place in symphonic orchestra is provided. Musical pieces of eight famous composers may be performed with four different instruments.

Each game profile has its own game session. The looks of Edison may be adjusted as well as game session progress is saved / loaded for each game profile.

Well, in my opinion, this game has nothing to do with rock, but that's just my opinion. This game is really for the somewhat older kids, with somewhat older I mean around 10 or 12 years old. In this game you are a manager who tries to make songs for his band. You pick your band and layout and choose and build songs for your band. You can build a light show, you can make a video and much more! The game is ok, all sounds are done in midi, so it's not really the most convincing quality of songs, but the idea is there. The game is not too hard for a little kid, but he or she could use some help at some things. Some parts of the game are way too complex for a kid to understand, I think.

Overall, a good game, it could have had some more attention at the sounds and the gameplay part, but overall, this is a very good game.

The last release from underrated edutainment developer Electronic Zoo is a great all-in-one music game and application with virtually unlimited playability. Rock & Bach Studio has two major components: music education, and music making. As part of the music education component, kids can read up on an excellent synopsis of the music pieces that comprise an orchestra. For each instrument, the game shows where it is in the orchestra, what it looks and sounds like, what its sound wave looks like, and a short history and explanation. The basics of musical notations are also included, so kids will learn for instance what a treble looks like, and how the F major scale is different from the one in D minor.

The second major element of the program is the music making part. Here is where the fun begins: kids can choose the various cartoon characters to form their band, give the band a name, then head off to the studio when they will be able to "compose" songs by choosing from different pre-set riffs, which can be customized to their heart's content. Rock & Bach even offers an option to create and save a music video by matching songs with backgrounds, character animations, and various visual efects. Overall, Rock & Bach a fun music activity for kids that teaches as much as entertains, and allows kids to make their own music that covers a wide spectrum of styles -- from Back to Rock 'n Roll, of course ;) Highly recommended!

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