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Billing itself as "the world's first live-action graphic novel," Reflux: Issue.01 -- "The Becoming" is the first in a series of planned quarterly releases from Inverse Ink (though only three were released). Through 20 pages of interactive comic book action, you follow the adventures of Flux, a morphing superhero tapped into a cyber-world known as "the verse" through his computer.

Each panel comes to life in some way or another as you click to each one. They all feature sound, and many others include animations or live action from Asian kung-fu movies previously unseen in America. Folders at the bottom of the screen add depth to the plot, which can be experienced from the perspective of Flux, his computer IO or fiendish mastermind Roark.

This particular issue sets the stage for things to come. After being framed for the murder of his best friend, Frank Corwin has been running from the law, his only source of income coming from his mercenary heroics in the verse, where he is known as Flux. He has the ability to assume any form programmed into IO and is assisted by a couple of friends, their latest job being to infiltrate a base in Hong Kong GUI for a company called WorldPerfect. But as the story moves along, things reveal themselves to be more than just a simple covert mission. Will Flux and his team escape alive? Find out in Reflux: Issue.01 -- "The Becoming."

The Becoming is the first installment in the Reflux series of games. It tells the story of Frank Corwin, a man who is running from the law after being framed with the murder on his best friend. Using a cyperpunk theme, he can enter a digital world know as The Verse through his computer. There he becomes Flux, a superhero who is able to morph into different forms. One of his tasks is to infiltrate a Hong Kong base for a company called WorldPerfect along with some friends, but the covert mission is not as simply as it seems.

The game is presented as a comic book of twenty pages. By clicking the panels, players can follow the narration from the characters' perspective, view digital video sequences or interact directly. Additional content and background information can be read in folders near the bottom of the screen.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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