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Lily the Dolphin has been stolen from the Tobasco Aquarium. As an ace Snooper Trooper detective, it is up to you to find her. There are many suspects in the case, including a Hollywood director needing a dolphin for a role in a film, and a photographer wanting to take pictures of Lily in the ocean. To help you solve the case, you are equipped with a SnoopMobile, a wrist radio, a SnoopNet computer, a flashlight, a camera for taking SnoopShots, and a notebook for keeping track of information.

En route to discovering the identity of the thief and the location of the dolphin, you will question suspects, talk to mysterious agents, crawl through windows and basements, photographic clues, and perform other duties required of a detective trying to solve a mystery. According to the game's packaging, Snooper Troops is designed to help players learn skills such as note-taking, deductive reasoning, organizing information and drawing maps.

The 2nd and final in the series of detective/problem solving games for kids. Armed with your Snoop-mobile, the snoopNET computer, a wrist-radio, flashlight and pen and paper, you're the detective who must solve the case of Lilly, the missing dolphin.

The game requires logical thinking, planning, and note taking as you slowly comb the neighborhood gathering clues and evidence. Once the suspect is properly identified, use the snoopNET computer to accuse and ensure that justice has been served.

One of these old games made in Pascal, Snooper Troops is a fun, educational detective game. The game is rather easy, making it an excelent choice for young children. The game is played through the text based interface, so called SnoopNET, which informs you about the current case, possible criminals and such. I hate that annoying beeping sound though...

One of the world's first detective games for kids, Snooper Troops is a great edutainment title that truly stands the test of time. Second and last in a short-lived series from Tom Snyder / Spinnaker and subtitled "Case 2: The Disappearing Dolphin," Snooper Troops casts you as member of a Snooper Trooper, a world-renown private detective team. Your job is to find out who stole Lily, the lovable Dolphin, from the Tabasco Aquarium, and why.

Snooper Troops plays like a typical detective adventure, except that everything is simplified for kids ages 10 and above. Although you will need to carry out standard investigating techniques such as questioning witnesses and searching the premises for clues, the game's best feature is easily the plethora of high-tech gadgets that makes investigation much easier. The SnoopNet computer helps correlate information, a camera is provided for you to take Snoopshots, and a notebook automatically keeps track of all the clues you unearth during your investigation.

Kids of all ages will definitely have fun with Snooper Troops. It is immediately accessible, user-friendly, and has an interesting plot to top it all off. Kids will learn to take notes, draw maps, organize information, and hone their deductive and reasoning skills. Highly recommended! Too bad only two games in the series were ever released.

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