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Snoopy's Game Club is a small collection (3 in total) of mini games for kids:

SNOOPY's Animated Puzzles - are jigsaw-puzzles of animated pictures featuring Snoopy and the gang. You can choose how many pieces to break the picture in (from 4 - 64 pieces) and when completed, you will get to see a short little cut-scene.

CHARLIE BROWN's Picture Pairs - concentration-like card game where players flip over cards that are placed face down and try to make as many matches as possible. You have a choice of choosing between picture cards (cards that have Peanut characters on it), or alphabet cards. You can choose to play by yourself, against a friend or against the computer.

WOODSTOCK's Look-Alikes - a matching game where many similar but not quite-the-same objects are displayed and you have to match the two that are exactly alike. You can select the number of objects displayed (18, 16 or 12).

In Snoopy's Game Club gaming has gone to the dogs! Basically this is a children's game, which was requested via the forums, but many of us have kids that we need to keep entertained! Plus, who doesn't love the Peanuts gang, which are copyrighted 1992 by United Feature Syndicate?

Snoopy's Game Club offers three categories of game play: Snoopy's Animated Puzzles, Charlie Brown's Picture Pairs, and Woodstock's Look-Alikes.

Snoopy's Animated Puzzles, is like a jigsaw puzzle that you can have sliced into anywhere from 4 pieces, even your preschooler can do, to 128 pieces, which kept me busy. The image is animating the entire time you are attempting to put the piece in their proper place. You can always get a peek of the image in its normal state if you need a refresher. There are 9 different images to choose from.

Charlie Brown's Picture Pairs is a concentration match it game. As you would expect you can change how many cards you are matching from, select different images, decks, etc. Matching a card is rewarded by one of several transitions.

Woodstock's Look-Alikes lets you pick the two matching items from among other look a likes. It begins fairly simple, but near the end I was having a hard time finding the identical pair.

The sound effects include pronunciation of the letters and the occasional encouragement. The music is appropriately soothing for the type of game. It is nothing to write home about, but good enough to not distract from your puzzle solving.

If you have children, they like to have different activities to do. This will give you just a few more family-safe options.

One of the most underrated preschool edutainment titles ever made, Snoopy's Game Club is a great collection of educational games for kids ages 3-8 designed to foster basic skills such as pattern and spatial recognition and alphabet pronunciation. In addition to excellent graphics and digitized sounds, kids will enjoy hanging out with characters from The Peanuts, one of the world's most beloved cartoons.

There are 3 mini-games in the package. Charlie Brown's Picture Pairs is a typical tile-matching game, with a nice twist: the matching pair will leave the screen in a variety of funny ways, with appropriate sound effects. Snoopy is around to give a clue when players are stuck, and there's even a 2-player competitive option. The second game is Snoopy's Animated Puzzles, my favorite of the bunch. In a nice twist to a traditional jigsaw puzzle, the pieces continue to animate while players solve the puzzle, and completing the puzzle will reveal a funny animated sequence. The last game is Woodstock's Look-Alikes, probably the most difficult for young kids. The objective is to match the exact Look-Alikes in the shortest time. There are 10 rounds of play, each more difficult than the last. The players are only given a maximum of two tries per round. It's fun, but can be frustrating for smaller objects.

Overall, Snoopy's Game Club is a great kid's game with very high production value. Education bits are cleverly blended into the game (e.g. characters pronounce alphabets, observational skills) so that kids won't even realize they are learning while having fun.

Just as many other kid games, Snoopy's Game Club features a few different games mainly aimed at real small kids. Using the well known Peanuts, Accolade created a product that can be fun for even some older users.

Match images, solve puzzles, find two same images among many similar and such are the games offered. Can be fun for a while.

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