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Treasure Mountain is the forerunner to the popular kids game Treasure Cove. Both games pit kids against the Master of Mischief, a villain who thrives on creating what else but mischief.

Players must wander through the levels of the mountain finding the elves who have a scroll in their hand. If the player manages to catch a scroll-carrying elf in his or her net, the elf reads a question that the player must answer. If the player answers it correctly, he gets a clue as to the location of the key that will let him leave the level.

The player starts out with 10 nets, and can get another ten nets per level by throwing 4 coins on the ground near the net cave. Coins are gained by netting elves without scrolls (2 per elf) or answering the scroll questions correctly.

In addition to the key, treasures are hidden on each level of the mountain (how many depends on the level the player has reached. It starts out at 2 and goes up from there) and can be found behind features fitting 2 of the 3 clues.

After players have traversed all three levels of the mountain, the key unlocks the castle. Players must climb the ladder to the top and add their treasures to the chest. Then, they take a slide down to the bottom level of the mountain to collect more treasures.

At higher levels of the game, elves can steal coins from the player (jumping can foil them) and the Master of Mischief tries to grab them when they climb the ladder to the treasure room.

This game may be somewhat repetetive, but each level will impel the kids to go onward, until they finally get all 300 treasures and win the game. It will take them a long time to complete, and the game can be played over and over again.

Graphics: Cartoonish by very good and fluid. Not pixelated.

Sound: You might want to crank it up a bit, but otherwise clear and easy to hear. The background music is nice and not irritating.

Enjoyment: A bit repetitive, but very enjoyable

Replay Value: Given the length of the game, kids might hesitate before playing it again.

Treasure Mountain is an educational game designed for children ages 5-9. The Master of Mischief has stolen the magic crown as well as other treasures and hidden them on Treasure Mountain! Your goal is to locate the magic crown and as many of the treasures as possible while climbing your way to the top. To make your way up the mountain, you will need to find keys which unlock a path. The keys are hidden somewhere behind an object on each level of the mountain. To find out what is behind an object you need to use one of your magic coins. However, the number of coins you have is limited and there are many places to search so you first need to find clues as to where keys (and treasures!) are located. Wandering about the mountain are numerous elves; if you catch a scroll carrying elf in your net, he'll ask a question. A correct answer will provide a clue. After reaching the top of the multi-leveled mountain, all the treasures you collected along the way will be put back in the treasure chest, and you begin again at the bottom with a tougher difficulty level. After all treasures have been brought to the top, you can find the crown and win the game!

From the mundane scenery of Shady Glen, the Master of Mischief has moved to a fantasyland of hidden treasures, helpful elves, and magic coins. He, the Master of Mischief, stole the crown and hid the treasures of the mountain. In order to get them back you must climb the mountain and enlist the help of the elves. Treasure Mountain started what became the Treasure Trilogy of the Super Solver Series.

As you climb the mountain you'll need to keep track of two things, your nets and coins. Coins are earned by capturing elves. More coins are gained if that elf is carrying a scroll and you answer it's question correctly. But every elf you catch costs you a net. You can buy new nets by dropping a number of coins near the appropriate spots, but coins are also needed to reveal the location of treasures and keys. Answer the elves questions and gets you a clue to where the key to the next level is hidden. Three clues make a description of one of the many items in the background. Drop a coin near it to receive the key. If an item only matches two out of three of the items of the description drop a coin near them too because there you'll find one of the hidden treasures. For instance, if the treasure is hiding behind "Four Round Flowers" then treasures could be behind "Two Round Flowers", or "Four Round Mushrooms", or "Four Triangle Flowers," whatever is to be found. Be sure to find as many toys as you can because that's how you go up in rank.

At the top of the mountain under the Master of Mischief's scrutinizing eye you return the toys you've found to the chest. You get to keep one and then back down the mountain to get more. As you play your stock of toys increases and you can visit them all. Each toy is animated (roughly) and you can play with them one at a time. But beware; collecting toys and getting to the next level can be addicting, especially when you realize that you're just one more trip up the mountain to the next level.

Treasure Mountain is a reading, thinking, and math game for children aged 5-9. It was remade for Windows CD-Rom in 1994 with enhanced graphics and sound, if you can find it.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (233 MB).


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