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If your kids love the ocean or even just animals, they will love Treasure Cove!. Kids have to plug holes in the reef and find the jewels that made up Rainbow Bridge. They must reconstruct the bridge to Invention Island to bring The Master of Mischief to justice.

Kids will start out in the ocean, trying to catch the orange sea star with their bubbler gun. This catches the sea star in an air bubble, and it will read you a question about the ocean or an ocean animal. If kids answer the question correctly, they will be given one of the three clues as to where the puffer fish is hidden.

Also tumbling through the sea are pink sea stars and goobies. If caught in the bubbler, pink sea stars give your flashlight one charge. If the swimmer runs into a goobie, it steals one charge from the flashlight.

In addition to finding the puffer fish, kids must also find the jewels. Animals fitting any two of the clues will harbor a jewel. After Kids have found the two jewels and the puffer fish, they must find the goobie hole on the ocean floor (a hole with two eyes looking out of it) and click on it. This will release the puffer fish to fill the hole.

When kids run out of air, there is a service station to fill it up. Kids must flash their flashlight a certain number of times to alert the attendant. If they are out of both air and light, they must find the electic eels to recharge their flashlight.

After they have successfully filled three holes in the reef, they are taken to a special area of the reef guarded by a shark. They must dispense of the shark by blowing bubbles into it's mouth, which will make it rise to the surface. Then, they must shine their flashlight on the gem. This will add more gems to the ones they already have.

Afterwards, kids will be taken to the rewards area, where part of the bridge is reconstructed using the jewels they have gathered, and they are given a treasure to be added to the pile in the sunken ship.

Kids need 1000 jewels to reconstruct the bridge to the island, whereupon, the Master of Mischief will be stopped.

This game teaches reading and science, plus math and thinking skills. In addition, it's a fun game young kids will love to play.

Graphics: Somewhat blocky, but everything is recognizable.

Sound: Adequate sounds, and the minnow's voice sounds authentically childlike.

Enjoyment: Kids who enjoy the ocean or even animals, will enjoy this a lot.

Replay Value: Your kids will keep playing this until they outgrow it.

The Master of Mischief destroys the Rainbow Bridge, dropping its shining jewels to the bottom of the sea, and evil Goobies are seeping out of the sea floor! With out this bridge The Master of Mischeif, and his lab on Invention Isle, cannot be reached from Treasure Mountain! This means he can continue to release Goobies without interference from those troublesome elves.

As the Super Seeker you must rebuild the bridge with the gems you find on the seafloor and use your bubble pump to capture Goobies, and playful Sea Stars that will help you, by giving you clues on to where you can find the gems, and will help you restore your light.

Along the way you will see many fascinating sea creatures, and many surprises. Science is the main teaching in the game along with letter and word recognition is seen here along with phonetics and vocabulary building/use. Math is also represented by addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and reasoning.

If you played Treasure Mountain and thought it would be a better game if it were a bit more nautical, then Treasure Cove is for you.

This time the Master of Mischief has gone eco-terrorist and is polluting the oceans. In order to stop him the crystals of the rainbow bridge needs to be gathered so the bridge can be rebuilt. At the same time the Master of Mischief's goobie sucking tubes need to be stopped up with a special puffer fish.

The levels progress by capturing orange starfish and answering their questions. Each question you answer correctly will give you a clue. Along the bottom of the screen there are various marine life. Three clues describe among which of the marine life you'll need to search with your flashlight to find a special puffer fish to stop up goobie tube. Shine your flashlight on something that can be described with two of the three clues and you'll find one of the gems for the rainbow bridge.

Once you've found the gems in each area find the hole made by the goobie tube, swim over it, press 'enter' to stick it up with the puffer fish, and you'll move on to the next area. After three areas you'll face down a shark. Simply shoot it with your bubble gun, shine your light on the bonus gem to multiply your gems, and the go off to deliver them to the elves who will add your gems to the rainbow bridge and give you a gift for your troubles. Your treasures are kept in a special place for you to review whenever you want.

Keep track of your flashlight. You have a limited number of uses from it and you'll need it not only for searches but also to refill your bubble shooter. If you find your flashlight running low you earn more by catching starfish and even more by answering questions correctly. But beware the goobie fish as running into one of them will steal power from your flashlight.

If you're at a loss as to where to find either starfish or the appropriate marine life, be sure to go into the shortcut tunnels. If you played previous games in the series you may not think to search there, but in this game there's actually stuff to find there. To enter a cave swim over it and press 'enter'.

Treasure Cove is a reading and science adventure aimed at ages 5-9. It was remade for windows CD-Rom in 1997 with enhanced graphics and sound.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.36 MB).
This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (97.4 MB).


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