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Despite being imprisoned within a volcano, the demon god Malifon has transformed the world into an arctic wasteland. In Demon's Winter, five adventurers embark on a treacherous quest to undo Malifon's curse and locate the spells needed to permanently end his dark influence. Choose from human, dwarf, elf, or dark elf races as you create your five-person party. Characters are assigned one of ten classes, ranging from a barbarian and wizard to a thief and scholar. The main screen is divided into three panels that display a static image of the world, a list of party members, and a description of the scene. An enemy encounter switches the perspective to an isometric view, where each character alternates turns and moves, attacks, casts spells, or uses items based on his or her available action points. Battle on land or at sea as you decide how best to fulfill your quest, with your actions leading to multiple endings.

The land of Ymros was first encountered in Shard of Spring, and it returns in this follow up, which is viewed from above, but has a game-world 32 times the size of its predecessor. Your characters can include Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Trolls, each with different skills as well as generated and varying statistics, and one of 10 different character classes - Barbarian, Wizard and Scholar for Example. You will need to choose the right balance of these for your mission, which involves tracking down Malifon and gain revenge on the damage he has done to Ymros.

Combat takes place via close-quarters combat and spell-casting, depending on the character's abilities. Towns can be visited to buy weapons, and you can return to your camp to worship one of the various Gods and receive their gifts such as resurrection and protection.

Yet another roleplay game from SSI. Demon's Winter is not one of the best and considered the age of the game the graphics are a bit dissapointing.

You start the game by creating your characters. When you mve around you will only see one characters which includes all your party members so you will see your full party once you get into combat. The interface is still pretty simple and quite easy to use. Overall an average roleplay game, but SSI fans and role play fans should be able to spend some time with this game.

Quietly released by SSI in 1986 and 1987 were 2 PC conversions of their classic Apple II RPGs: Demon's Winter and The Shard of Spring. Both games are solid "conventional" RPGs (i.e. top-down view, lots of loot and monsters) which emphasizes level advancement and typical "kill the big foozle" endgame. In Demon's Winter, you must search the lands and seas for spells to trap the demon-god Malifon and undo his mystical curse. Entertaining and very well-written, if not revolutionary.

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