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Bent on the total annihilation of your race, the great Dragon Slayer has kidnapped all the young dragons. You are the only one who can defeat the Dragon Slayer, rescue the children, and restore peace to the land. Like your father, you are destined to be a Warrior Dragon. Are you up for the challenge?

Although the graphics could definitely be better, this RPG is still a lot of fun! There are lots of characters to interact with, enemies to kill, and treasure to find. Whenever you conquer an enemy, you earn experience points (XP) and gold. When you have enough XP, you advance to the next level with increased strength. The gold is used to buy weapons, armor, magic potions, etc. Stop by the inn to recover your health (or drink a potion). Warrior Dragon includes a save/continue feature that allows a game to be saved where you stopped it.

A cute little console-style RPG that is obviously a thinly-veiled clone of NES hit Dragon Warrior (better known as Dragon Quest in Asia), Warrior Dragon is a competent RPG that casts you as a gallant dragon (yes, a dragon) who is on a (cliche) quest to avenge his father who died by the evil Dragon Slayer's swords. Aside from the unusual twist to the fantasy genre (you're playing a dragon who fights humans, not the other way around), Warrior Dragon is a standard top-down anime-style RPG that console fans will be familiar with. The game is a bit too short, and the plot too simplistic, but it still packs enough fun quests to keep Dragon Warriror fans happy-- for a few hours before they boot up the real, far superior, original again. Not on par with Zelda Classic by any means, but a nice try.


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