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Zoo Vet is all about getting close and personal with the inhabitants of a typical zoo. Unlike the Zoo Tycoon series and various knock-offs, this title isn't about watching the animals perform, or building up a successful zoo. Instead, players are asked to treat different animals at a zoo, by examining them thoroughly and then treating them. If the treatment is successful, players will earn a trophy to place in their trophy case.

The gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward: the sick animals are designated by flashing icons on a grid, which can be clicked on to view the animals. Your job is to ask questions of the staff in charge of the animal, examine it, then treat it. This process is accomplished by clicking on various treatment and diagnosis tools in a menu, which can then be used directly on the animal. If any step of this process is wrongly decided, the staff steps in and administers the correct procedure, then the player's treatment continues. Once successfully treated, the animal is shown as treated on the grid.

Each scenario features several sick animals; once all of them have been treated, the player is awarded trophies and the top vet delivers a synopsis of the player's progress. Then, it's on to the next scenario.

The graphics are pretty good for a game of this type, the characters and animals all look pretty lively and well-drawn. There is background music that can be selected, but not many sound effects from the animals.

This is an uncomplicated and easy game that is average for a budget-type game. The mechanics are easy to learn, and young and old can both play. The game is fun to play at first, but there's really not much variety in gameplay, and although the animals' symptoms become more difficult to diagnose as play advances, it's still a really easy game which can be finished in a few days. There are a couple of mini-games, but they don't add much to the overall game.

Best for children who really love animals.


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