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The Adventures of Batman & Robin is fun, but the content isn't as deep as it could be, nor is it clear as to what age group this package was aimed. The activities are simple enough for a first grader, but the stories and their accompanying questions are at a fourth or fifth grade level. Depending on age, children can grow frustrated or bored with activities or story questions. The storyteller itself is fun for kids of any age since all they need to do is listen and play short video clips.

Those who have seen the animated TV series or the direct-to-video movies know that the animated Batman (the one used in this game) is far superior to any live action one. Robin is featured, as are The Riddler, Harley Quinn, and Mr. Freeze. Why they chose Quinn over her boss, The Joker, is beyond me, nor was I sure why Penguin was left out.

Unfortunately, the interface isn't always clear. The buttons at the top of the clipboard in the storyteller mode are barely visible, and exiting the program is only possible from within activities. On top of that, the button you need to press to exit isn't clearly marked. You can get into Arkham Asylum, but you can't get out?

The music, taken straight from the TV show, is great, as are the sounds in general. The short clips are fun to watch and are long enough that kids will probably want to watch them a few times.

Arkham, one of the coolest places in Batman's world besides the Batcave, is poorly represented in this game. You get one hallway with three doors, each of which leads to one of the bad guy's areas. That's it. No rogue's gallery of Batman's foes or a tour of the place, which would have been nice. Once the storytellers have been seen and the simple activities mastered, there's not much else to do, which means that kids will get through this one pretty quickly, making replay value practically useless.

Graphics: Nicely done, but too bad more of Arkham Asylum isn't shown.

Sound: The sound is great, using music and characters from the show.

Enjoyment: Fun for kids who really like the show, although younger ones may find the storyteller questions too tough.

Replay Value: The lack of content depth spells long-term disinterest.

This puts the fate of Gotham City in your hands. Bring Batman, Robin, and your favorite villains to life. A truly interactive experience where children create their own Batman animated cartoons with action, words, pictures, music and sound effects. The Cartoon Maker combines all the excitement of Saturday morning cartoons with the educational benefits parents love. Set your story in dozens of backgrounds including the Batcave, the Gotham City skyline and Arkham Asylum. Stamp in vehicles, characters and props. Make real sound effects explode to go with your story. Swing Batman across the screen to foil The Penguin's evil-doings. Pick from a library of heroes and villains to animate and add to your cartoon. Build suspense with original music from the music library. Trace your favorite characters, fill in outlines with your colors, draw free-hand to add your own creations. Narrate your story using your microphone. There's action animations and artwork direct from the Adventures of Batman & Robin animated TV series, and original music and sound effects. Tutorial movies make any kid a master, cliff-hanger movies help build thrilling endings, and beginner and expert levels.

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