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In some instances Batman games turn out to be a lot of fun (e.g., Batman for the NES). But at other times (most times, unfortunately) the results are NOT pretty.

Such is the case with Batman: Partners in Peril. Don't be confused, folks. This isn't a game. All it amounts to is an episode of an early Batman cartoon adapted into an interactive comic book. For 23 pages you click from frame to frame to see how the story unfolds. Some frames feature a quick, simple animation while others show us a 5- to 10-second QuickTime clip from the adapted episode. There's very little else going on here. If you can click a mouse, you can "beat" this game. Holy terrible game, Batman!

The only thing saving this from the absolute worst rating on the All-Game scale is the story involved. Within the 20 minutes or so of story we get to see the Penguin, the Joker, the Riddler, and Catwoman go up against the Dynamic Duo and Batgirl. Sure, the story's lame. It doesn't even make much sense. But it's always fun to watch a conglomeration of super-villains try to thwart our heroes. Their presence makes it much more bearable than the Man of Steel's equivalent title, Superman: The Mysterious Mr. Mist.

Still, the fact that this title does little else than let you click your way through an episode of a show that you can watch daily on Cartoon Network makes Partners in Peril something that not even the most devoted Batman fan can appreciate. It might be good for a young tyke learning to use a computer but that's about it. Use your Batcomputer for something else.

Graphics: The non-QuickTime frames actually look better than those with the animation lifted from the episode.

Sound: I don't know about you, but when I read Robin's character in a Batman comic, I automatically equate his voice with that of Casey Kasem. Seriously, though, the sound can be annoying, especially when it shifts from soft in the QuickTime clips to loud in the other frames.

Enjoyment: It's mildly amusing to see several of Batman's foes team up against him at once. (Note the word "mildly.")

Replay Value: Is 20 minutes enough game time for you? If not, you can always repeat exactly what you did once again. Believe me, you won't.

Follow Batman and Robin as they thwart the evil plans of the Penguin, the Riddler, and the Joker in this multimedia comic book. Based on footage from the 1960s Batman animated TV show.

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