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Remember the first time you went to the planetarium? You marveled as you peered into space, but after a few minutes you'd seen enough and wanted to grab a Popsicle, right? The same is true of Astronomica, which begins as an intriguing search for a missing astronomer but devolves into a series of weightless puzzles about space trivia. In most cases you figure out the answer through trial and error, not through a better understanding of astronomy.

Ultimately, Astronomica does little more than familiarize players with basic space terms. Despite some sloppy production values (such as the director's audible "Action!"), the game does offer a reference encyclopedia and detailed planetary photographs science buffs will appreciate.

A brilliant astronomer, on the verge of discovering the fate of the universe, is missing along with Astronomica, his supercomputer. Explore the awesome wonders of the cosmos. the dangers of deep space, travel back in time to uncover the secrets of the universe.

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