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ClueFinders: 3rd Grade Adventures takes place in South America and features a mystery surrounding missing animals. Players must save Joni's uncle from the monster Mathra by traversing two areas of the jungle to search for keys to the lost city and interact with machines left behind by the Ancient Builders. The animals are in danger of being killed for their skins.

Play begins in either the Great Goo Swamp or the lands of the Monquistadors, monkeys dressed in Spanish helmets. The game often includes characters and references children will enjoy but may not understand, although the appeal won't be lost on any adult playing along. For example, the four singing "things" that greet kids in the swamp sound just like the Beatles as heard in

Graphics: Graphics are superb, though slightly cartoon-like. The environments give the player a feeling of actually being in the swamp or rainforest.

Sound: Jungle sounds and character voices are very appealing.

Enjoyment: With plenty to see and do, the game offers something for all ages and teaches while entertaining.

Replay Value: Replay suffers due to the unchanging nature of the adventure. Problems are different or harder in repeated play but the story doesn't hold the same excitement a second time. Fortunately, the game is long enough to provide solid initial gameplay.

If you have a rising 3rd grader (or even a recent grad of 3rd grade), you are in for a special treat. This truly outstanding title combines the excitement of an Indiana-type adventure with fun and interesting academic games. Finding themselves in a rain forest, players join the Cluefinders, a group of four brainy junior detectives, in solving the mystery of a missing scientist. The academic activities cover a massive amount of math, geography, science, reading and language arts. Your children will so enjoy playing this title that they will forget that they are doing it to learn.


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