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Barbie Storymaker CD-ROM is a great concept and an excellent use of technology. With help, children can create an unlimited number of animated stories starring Barbie and her friends. Unlike many games where children might have to beg for help, Storymaker is so much fun and versatile the helper might initiate a play session from time to time.

With Barbie as the main character and storytelling as the game, this is a good piece of software to bring a parent and child together. While the parent helps with directions, spelling, and logical sequence of events, the child comes up with stories that only her imagination can create. Obviously, this game should not replace a box of crayons and a notepad, but it is worthwhile as interactive entertainment.

While printing out full color storybooks can get quite expensive, beyond the price of the original software, creating animated stories on the computer screen doesn't cost a thing. Although the graphics will please Barbie fans, the animation is jerky. It's too bad the stories don't have the visual flow of a cartoon. However, the ability to record your own voice and outside sound effects more than makes up for this shortcoming, making Barbie Storymaker CD-ROM a fun and potentially educational computer game with loads of replay value. After all, no two stories are ever alike.

Graphics: The animation lacks fluidity, but the colors and characters are cute.

Sound: The ability to add your own voice and sound effects is a great feature, but the standard sound effects and music are only adequate.

Enjoyment: Children who love books and stories will enjoy this game.

Replay Value: A literate child with a good imagination will play this game again and again.

Create animated stories starring Barbie and all he friends!

Bring your Barbie stories to life as never before- on your computer! Choose the setting, the props, the characters. Direct each character's movements and dialogue, plus add music, sounds and special effects. Create thousands of original Barbie stories!

Where will your Barbie story take place?

Choose from the ballet studio, the beach, the stables, the Barbie Dream House, the mall and more!

Which characters will star in your story?

Select from lots of different Barbie dolls, friends and family. Even feature Barbie and her favorite animal friends in your stories!

Where should Barbie go?

Direct each character's movement by dragging the computer mouse in the path you want her to follow.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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