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Players follow the story of Rapunzel with the chance to play six different games along the way. The first is Dress Up, accessed from the first page of the story. By clicking on the stairway, players enter a small room where Barbie (as Rapunzel) keeps her dresses, accessories, and jewels. Players can experiment with the dresses for as long as they like. The second activity is a memory game in the kitchen, where players try to match pictures on cards. There are twelve cards to match with a variety of pictures.

When Rapunzel finally escapes from the witch's tower, she must gain two silver shells to get the fairy's boat and cross the sea. She can get one silver shell from the Dragon and another from the Ogre. At the Dragon's cave, tidy up the scattered treasure. When Rapunzel has organized the Dragon's gold and jewels for him, she'll gain a silver shell. At the Ogre's cottage, guide Rapunzel through the maze to the rose hedge. Getting to the rose hedge earns the player another shell.

When players return to the boat they will need to find a golden key, used later in the game. Take the boat to the country across the sea. Get a loaf of bread and some hair ribbons for the goose girl you'll meet. At the baker's shop, decorate the wedding cake to get the loaf of bread. At the sewing shop, make the dresses all of one color again to get the ribbons. You can play games over by clicking on the pink star. At the end of the program, you'll return to Celine's garden.

This game is good for young girls, but the lack of adjustable difficulty settings will turn older players away after one or two times through. Also, some older girls may find the idea of dressing dolls a little insulting. Younger girls may enjoy this game immensely, but tire of it as they get older. While the game is sentimental, it is not syrupy-sweet or overwhelming.

Graphics: Very nice, Barbie is quite recognizable and the colors are clear and bright.

Sound: Very distinct and easy to listen to.

Enjoyment: Younger kids will enjoy this.

Replay Value: Lack of difficulty levels only makes this game suitable for younger ages.

Imprisoned in her tower by an evil witch, Princess Rapunzel grows up with only some birds and a magic mirror for company. One day Prince Galen rides by and asks for a drink of water. Rapunzel lets down her hair so that he can climb into her tower and the

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