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Disney Interactive's Aladdin Activity Center includes a wide range of games and activities. Or seems to, at any rate. The three locations in the game: Agrabah Marketplace, Sultan's Palace and Cave of Wonders, each have a different look, but the same games are available in each location.

The only difference between the games is that the look of the games and the objects used are slightly different in each case.

The first game is a version of concentration. Players turn over cards two at a time, trying to make matches. The number of cards can range from 8 at level 1 to 32 at level 3. The Genie congratulates you each time you make a match.

The next game is a spelling-type game. The Genie tells you the names of objects that appear and the player must spell the name of the object. The higher the difficulty, the longer and harder the names of the objects.

The Music game asks players to play along with Abu the Monkey as he plays notes on a variety of musical instruments. Playes must play the notes in order after Abu in a game of "Follow the Leader". The number of notes the player must play before the game ends changes at each difficulty level.

Clicking on the easel brings up the art activities. Players can color the pictures themselves using crayons or water colors, do a "color by number" picture or do a connect the dots game. None of these games, with the exception of "Connect the Dots", have levels. The pictures are also the same no matter where the player accesses them from.

Clicking on the puzzle pieces takes players to the puzzles. Players must arrange the puzzle pieces in order, at which time the lines between the pieces disappear. The higher the difficulty level, the larger the number of pieces.

The matching game asks players to look at a number of objects, from 6 to 18, and find the two that match. The higher the difficulty level, the more objects there are to choose from.

Finally, in the maze game, you must make your way through a maze by clicking and dragging on the colored line at the start. Within the maze are bright golden trinkets that you must pick up. When you have collected all of them, the exit to the maze will open. As with all the other games, the higher the difficulty level, the more intricate and difficult the maze becomes.

Though this game is defined as beinf for ages 5 and up, even the higher difficulty levels will not truly challenge players older than their teens. For younger kids who enjoyed the movie, however, this game will delight and challenge them.

The only other flaw is how few pictures there are to color. These parts of the game will quickly be completed, and then lose any hope of being played again.

Graphics: Excellent. The movies are a bit grainy, but that is only to be expected.

Sound: Very loud and clear. The sobbing of the genie when you chose to quit will probably make you laugh.

Enjoyment: Enjoyable, but too easily completed. Once the lower levels of a game have been completed, there is no chance to return and play again (unless you sign in as another player).

Replay Value: Unfortunately, once the game is played through on all levels, there is no reason to go back and play again.

Return to the world of Disney's Aladdin, and the city of Agrabah. The Genie is your host (as voiced by Robin Williams) to this collection of Aladdin-themed games and activities. Players can chose to play either in the marketplace, the Sultan's Palace or the Cave of Wonders. Each place accesses the same games, but with different graphics or objects. Also in the game is a movie theater where players can watch six clips from the movie, including the musical clip to "A Whole New World." All of the games can be accessed from either the movie theatre or the main game center in each area. Each game is represented graphically, and most have three difficulty levels that can be set by the player.

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