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Disney Interactive's The Lion King Activity Center combines eight good games with coloring and some animated quicktime movies to produce a game that will enthrall fans of the movie and their parents alike.

Players can choose a difficulty level of from easy to hard. Obviously, the art and paint game and the movies are not linked to these difficulty levels.

Starting with the jungle, the games are: Timon's Bug Matching Game, Timon and Pumbaa's Spelling game, and Pumbaa's Hidden Animal Friends.

In Timon's Bug Matching Game, players are presented with a variety of bugs, four at the easy level, six at medium and ten on the hard level. Players must select the two matching bugs. If they are correct, Timon eats the bugs and a match symbol appears above the bug board. When players have correctly matched 10 bugs, they get to print out a certificate declaring them "Bug Matching Champion".

In Timon and Pumbaa's Spelling Game, players must spell a word by clicking on the letters on the board. On the easy level, the word is pronounced and shown. On the Medium level, the word is only pronounced. On the hard level, it is neither, and players have to guess the word themselves by clicking on the letters.

In Pumbaa's Hidden Animal Friends, players are shown a section of jungle with animals hidden in the scene as outlines. Players must click on the animals to reveal them. As the difficulty level increases, so do the number of animals, from five to seven to ten.

Moving on, players will come to Rafiki's Tree. Here, they can make pictures in the Art Center, reassemble pictures in the Picture Puzzles, or play the African game of Achi.

In the Art center, players must choose where they will get their art to color from. They can create a "Rubbed" drawing, build a picture with stamps, make one by connecting the dots, or get one from the coloring book.

Once players have gotten a picture, they can color it on the screen by using chalks, paints or the magic brush, or print the pictures out and color them by hand.

In the Puzzle Pictures, players are shown a picture broken into a number of different pieces. Players must reassemble the pieces to make the picture. In the easy level, players only have to contend with 9 pieces. At medium, the number goes up to 16, and on the hard level, there are 32 pieces.

Achi is one of the few games that players can choose to play against a friend. It resembles Tic-Tac-Toe in that players must place their colored pieces in one of nine spaces on the board. But players only recieve four pieces to try to achieve three stones in a row. If the players use up all their stones and still have not gained three in a row, the game continues with players "jumping" their pieces into an empty space to try and make the three in a row. The first to accomplish this wins.

In the Shadowlands, players can play Ed's Xylobones, The Memory Challenge, or Simba's A-Maze-ing Escapes.

In Ed's Xylobones, Ed has found a set of bones that can be played like a Xylophone. Players must match the notes Ed plays to see a water and light show. The number of notes the player has to match changes with the difficulty level, from five to seven to nine.

In the Memory Challenge, players can play against Ed, Nala, Simba, a friend or family member, or by themselves. Players must click on the stones (number varies by difficulty level) and then find the match. If players play against one of the characters or a friend, they get to click two stones. If the stones match, they recieve a point and can try again. Once they click stones that do not match, play passes to their opponent. The player with the most matches wins, and the game can end in a tie.

In Simba's A-Maze-ing Escapes, players must click on Simba to move him through the maze. At the easy level, there is no competition. At the medium and hard levels, players must make their way out of the maze and not touch the hyenas following Simba. If they do, they must start over again.

Finally, players can view clips from

Graphics: Mostly good, and the movie clips just don't measure up, appearing extremely grainy.

Sound: Very nice, loud and clear, occasionally repetitive.

Enjoyment: Kids who like the movie will enjoy these games.

Replay Value: Three difficulty levels allow the game to grow with the child.

Designed for children five years of age and over, Disney's Activity Center: The Lion King features educational activities, mini-games and artistic capabilities wrapped around the world seen in the animated movie. Acting as the central hub, the Pride Lands incorporates three distinctive locations -- the Jungle, Rafiki's Tree and the Shadowlands, each featuring a series of activities. By entering the first environment, you have access to three games.

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