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In addition to the narrated story of Pocahontas, players can choose to have the book read to them or play within the story. In straight narration, the story runs to the end of the page and then moves on to the next without pause. In the play the story variation, the program reads the page and then halts, leaving players free to explore.

The cursor becomes a white leaf. By moving the cursor around the screen, players can see where the leaf turns black. If they click on one of these areas, an animation is revealed. In addition, in two of the scenes: The English settlers village and the Powhatan village, are panoramic scenes that can be scrolled through by moving the mouse to the left or right and clicking on the arrowheads that appear in the middle of the screen.

In addition to the storybook aspects, there are four games you can play. These can either be accessed from Grandmother Willow's screen or by clicking the pictograph of children playing during the play through the story section.

Hoops and Arrows has players testing their archery skills before Koocoum. Players must shoot the hides stretched on the hoops with their arrows. The mouse changes the direction of the arrow. At higher difficulty levels, the hoops move. After all the hoops are shot, the game begins again.

In Spearing Berries, players play Flit. You must spear the berries before Meeko eats them all by flying over to the berries while they are in the air and clicking on them with the mouse. At higher difficulty levels, the height of the thrown berries varies, as does the speed with which they fall.

In Where's Meeko? Players must help Percy find Meeko, who has sneaked on board the settlers' ship. Players must click on various boxes, barrels, and crates to see where that wily raccoon will show up next. As soon as you have found him, he hides again. There are no levels to this game.

Finally, in Find the Animals, Chief Powhatan tells you to listen with your heart to find where the animals live. Players must click on an animal Petroglyph, then click on an area where they think the animal lives. If they are right, the animal appears and Chief Powhatan tells you what his tribe calls the animals and how to pronounce the Indian word or words for that animal.

At higher levels, the sparkles that guide you to where animals live are gone, and the animal sounds are more difficult to recognize.

Graphics: Excellent. Many of the scenes are taken from the movie.

Sound: Very good. Every sound comes through loud and clear.

Enjoyment: Extremely enjoyable. Any child who enjoyed the movie will enjoy this game.

Replay Value: The games are entertaining and educational at the same time. Players can challenge themselves over and over again.

Follow the story of Disney's Pocahontas through the Pocahontas Animated Storybook. Pocahontas, along with her friends Flit the hummingbird and Meeko the Raccoon help avert a war between the settler and the Native American Indians. Pocahontas befriends the explorer John Smith and teaches him the great love her people have for the land. But the settlers are afraid of the Indians, and soon, both sides have nearly come to blows Pocahontas' great courage in shielding John Smith from execution by her father Powhatan and then John Smith's throwing himself in front of the bullet meant for Powhatan, contrive to bring a sort of peace between the settlers and the Native Americans that lasts for many years. The story is narrated by Grandmother Willow and includes four games players can play, either as part of the story, or separately.

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