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Wacky Elroy captured our household with his zany, off-beat humor and his cool canine buddy, Blue. The kids were stomping their feet and chasing each other around the room after playing Elroy Goes Bugzerk all afternoon!

This interactive comedy is for kids of all ages. Elroy Goes Bugzerk is the first episode in the "What the Heck Will Elroy Do Next" series from Headbone Interactive. Kids of all ages team up with Elroy and Blue as they pound the pavement, like mini-cybersleuths, in search of an awesome cyber-bug to defeat mega-jerk Gordon Smugs in the 10th Annual Big City Insectathon. Challenging stuff.

Elroy and Blue, the hot comic duo, and your mouse-clicking, adventure-happy kids will quickly discover that Smugs is one tough opponent. To get to the bug of their dreams, the TECHNOLOPTERA (How's that for a word?), the kids will have to go through a major obstacle course and some pretty tricky problems.

Keeping Elroy out of trouble seems to be the running theme in Elroy Goes Bugzerk. It is fun to watch Elroy, like Dennis the Menace, as he contemplates using a slingshot to help him with the first activity, getting a chicken's egg so that he can bake a cake to replace the one that his trusty dog, Blue, ate. We watch Elroy steady his slingshot, only to lose his balance and fall out of the tree. Of course, Elroy bounces back and continues on with his chase to find the Technoloptera!

One of the more difficult activities was helping Elroy bake a cake. The cyber-sleuths must help Elroy follow the cookbook exactly, but they only get one chance to add the secret ingredient to the recipe. If they ruin the recipe, they witness the cake blowing up or turning into a jungle and the game is over. If the kids succeed with this activity, they will proceed to the final level of the game - to find the Technoloptera. This really entails some deductive reasoning on the part of our young detectives and 10-year-old Stefanie agreed it was challenging, but loads of fun.

Watch the kids roll in the dirt with Elroy as he uncovers clues to win the race. Since it is cyber-dirt, there's no need to yell at the kids for making a mess! Tim loved watching Elroy and Blue chase the chickens, tripping and stumbling as they performed some hilarious gymnastics to lure the chickens their way. Good, clean fun!

Although Elroy Goes Bugzerk has no background music, the sound effects and the character voices were excellent. Headbone Interactive says this game is loaded with more animation than a feature length film. If you are looking for interactive entertainment, you've found it!

There are also some cool learning opportunities for the kids as they fall on the floor laughing at Elroy and Blue. By clicking on the various bugs that crawl across the screen, you can learn the difference between a Pupa and a Mandible (hey, you can never get too many insect facts!), while being charmed by Elroy's off-beat humor. You'll need to roll up your sleeves and apply some deductive reasoning if you want to see Elroy win the 10th Annual Big City Insectathon. The more you explore, the more you learn. Good luck and don't go bugzerk, too! That's Elroy's job!

Elroy loves bugs and has entered the 10th Annual Insectathon. Along with his dog Blue, he wants to find the rare cyberbug Technoloptera in order to beat his arch rival, Gordon Smugs. His parents have gone on a yoga retreat and left him with a farmer. Elroy explores different areas and the player, when clicking on items found, can learn different facts about insects. Throughout the game, some quizzes will occur on information learned. So, keep your eyes and mind peeled for anything you come across. The game characters are fully animated and voiced. Elroy will climb a tree, wander through a tunnel, chase a chicken, and even explore the Insect Hall of Fame among many activities. If you make a mistake, you must go back but you can also save anywhere in the game.

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