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By the year 1997 the situation of the world has changed dramatically, and not for the better of the Europeans. After the decline of NATO, European power declined as well. In a move that surprised all the nations of the world, the Arab countries headed by Iran suddenly launched an attack on shipping, creating an economic blockade. They had built a world wide military navy, and used it to dominate the seas.

With living standards rapidly deteriorating in the countries that could not support themselves due to the lack of trading, a decision was made that something had to be done to end this evil reign. The heads of the various nations came together and devised a plan. The U.S.S. John Young, supposedly crewed by renegade navy personnel would be sent into the conflict areas, and would hopefully be able to move around without being attacked due to their so-called defection.

You are put in the control of John Young as it roams the violent seas of the world. Your objective: to seek and destroy the Arab forces wherever they may be. This is simulated in four different missions. However, it's not just other ships you will be attacking: oil rigs will be one of your main targets; destroying these helps weaken the enemy forces. There are also four different map locations that you can choose to do battle in, ranging from the Persian Gulf to the Falkland Islands. Day and night time can also be chosen from, the advantage being that at night you can get closer to the enemy before they see you.


I have to state now that U.S.S. John Young is in no way a perfect simulation. The graphics aren't at all bad and there is a fair amount of sound but to say that this game is a simulation would be incorrect. There seems to be a sudden influx of ship games at the moment and none of them have been really inspiring. There are a fair amount of missions to select but this does not really enhance the games overall appeal. I can't really recommend this as it is just too boring.


Yet again I am confronted with a game that is trying to be a decent simulation but has failed miserably. John Young has the usual selection of stations that you would find aboard a ship, but the gameplay is very dodgy, and plays more like a shoot'em-up than a simulation. Although there are several missions to choose from, they're quite similar. Frankly, I'm not impressed with U.S.S. John Young, and I don't think it will appeal to any simulation fan.

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