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Math Rabbit is designed for children of many ages and teaches counting, addition, subtraction and logic. There are four circus-based games players can choose from, each hosted by Math Rabbit himself.

In Calliope Counting, players count off blasts on a Calliope to make music. At the lowest level, players can make their own tunes. At the middle level, players must count off numbers that Math Rabbit gives them, but he counts along with them. At the highest level, players must count with no help from Math Rabbit. After all the pipes have been tooted, they play in quick succession, forming a tune.

In the Sea Lion Show, players start with a number and then must add or subtract from that number all the way down the line. For instance, players could start with the number 26 and be asked to subtract three from 26 again and again and again until the last sea lion is reached. There are four levels, each with increasingly higher numbers. Level One is from 1-12, Level 2 from 1-18, Level 3 1-70 and Level 4 1-99.

In the Tightrope Show, players are given a number and asked to click on the elephant if the problem given adds or subtracts to that number, or is greater or less than that number. If the number is equal, they click on the elephant, who then balances the espression on part of its body. If it does not equal, they drop it into the water trough, where it sinks from sight. After players have saved all the correct expressions, they are treated to a little show.

In the Balloon matching game, players must find the baloons with the matching numbers and problems or numbers and objects behind the doors. Players must find all the matches. At the 3rd and 4th levels, they must add or subtract numbers to get a final sum, and on Levels 1 and 2, players will be shown which numbers they will be matching.

This is a great game to teach kids math. Though it is an older game and a little crude graphically, it still has all the right stuff that kids will enjoy playing. The circus theme is carried through very well, and the sounds and music all support the theme. If you find a chance to purchase this game, you will not be disappointed.

Graphics: Crude graphically, but still nice.

Sound: Really supports the whole circus theme.

Enjoyment: Kids will really enjoy this game.

Replay Value: With four levels, kids can play this for ages before they get tired or grow out of the game.

Math Rabbit uses a circus setting for four games that involve counting, number matching, and problem solving. Within each game, there are four math difficulty levels for the user (or parent or teacher) to choose from. If the user correctly answers all of the problems in a game set, he gets a ticket that he can apply toward the purchase of a toy at the prize center. "The set up of this title is excellent. The prize tickets are great incentive for kids to finish a game," commented a parent reviewer.

The games are fun for young children, and exercise a variety of beginning math skills. In the Calliope Counting Game, the user makes music on a pipe organ by counting out notes, either an original tune or a tune that the Rabbit leads. The Tightrope Show involves matching a number or equation that the rabbit holds up to a given number. In the Sea Lion Show, the user must uncover a number pattern by solving addition and subtraction problems. The Balloon Matching Game is a variation of the classic "concentration" game. Behind each balloon is a number, an equation, or a certain number of objects. The user must match the numbers with the correct number of objects or with the equation solutions.

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