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Reader Rabbit's Interactive Reading Journey 1 is a useful program to have around the house for any parent whose child is learning how to read. While the characters, sound effects, and other multi-media aspects of the game are so-so, the amount of material is in depth and there was obviously an academic basis behind the educational content, as opposed to what some developers thought kids should be doing.

Phonics and literature are mixed in this game to provide a foundation in each for the student. While the storybooks aren't of the highest quality -- they tend to be repetitive and the stories aren't of the caliber found in the best children's books -- they are engaging, and the ability to click the pictures and watch them instantly fill with color or record some words is an added bonus.

The characters really don't do much after the opening screens. Reader Rabbit's only purpose is to show the map of the Reading Kingdom, which is also accessible through the Program Options Pad, and Sam just kind of stands there and offers a suggestion for something to do if the child clicks him. They might as well not be in each land for all the good they do. The hot spots scattered around each screen are fun. They're not of the silly quality found in Humongous Entertainment's Junior Adventure series, but they're good.

The activities are varied and interesting, and they build on a variety of skills, although the click-this-word variety tend to be repetitive and are only differentiated from each other by the animals used in each one. Some of them, though, focus on sounding out words and putting sounds together to make them. You can't go wrong there.

Overall, this program offers a fine foundation for Reader Rabbit 1, 2, and 3, as well as Treasure Mountain. While it's not as good as it could have been, it does offer a good amount of educational value.

Graphics: Nicely done, although there isn't a lot of motion in them.

Sound: Adequate. Nothing special.

Enjoyment: Kids will enjoy discovering the hot spots and playing with the microphone.

Replay Value: With 20 lands to explore and 40 books to read, it should keep them coming back for more.

This comprehensive reading program integrates 40 carefully leveled storybooks with over 100 skill building lessons. Set within an interactive playworld, this unique combination of activities is far more fun and effective than simple phonics drills. Equalent to 1 year of classroom reading lessons. The result is a reading program that lives up to its promise--it teaches your child to read.

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