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Reader Rabbit and his friends lead preschool children through a wondrous, interactive playworld. They'll build confidence as they discover and develop learning essentials. Plus, they'll sing and dance, wiggle and giggle, and more. ABC Diner: Reader Rabbit serves up a progression of skills - from matching letters to recognizing letters and their sounds. Shape Shack: children learn to classify by color, shape, category, and even sound as they sort Mit the Monkey's toys. Pattern Parade: Ben the Ant leads a parade of patterns, encouraging children to identify and create patterns based on color, size, and sound. Counting Club: count on fun in this musical introduction to the world of numbers. The Carousel: Riding the carousel pony is a joyful reward. Children earn special keys to create their own enchanted pony. Skills and Special Features: builds essential preschool skills with letters, numbers, shapes, and patterns; encourages learning through several senses - seeing, hearing, and moving; provides four levels of play in five interactive activities; develops a solid foundation for reading, math, and thinking; fosters confidence along with an early love of learning.

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