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In this scavenger hunt with a twist, the animated alphabet pals learn to recognize safety hazards around the home and prevent accidents. This delightful story-game offers talking cartoons, learning activities, music, surprise click animation, and a safety guide for parents. We're delighted to introduce Amy, Zak and the Alphabet Pals, who not only entertain, but build life skills and knowledge. Your child will have hours of fun while developing the "safety habit" and learning to avaoid hazards around the house. Our delightful story-game talks and promotes safety learning, while encouraging cognitive development. Your child can choose from four lively games and learning activities. He or she just points and clicks for animation, surprises, a sing-along and lots of smiles and giggles. For over 75 years, World Book Encyclopedia has been giving children and their parents essential learning tools for school and home. With the Alphabet Pals series, World Book takes your family into a whole new interactive dimension.

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