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Would you like to have your own castle? With lots of chambers, secrets, puzzles and activities to do? Well, Scooter now owns such a castle, and he's very eager to see what he can find inside! And he can find quite a lot.

Scooter's Magic Castle is an education game where you control Scooter, and by clicking on various items in the Castle you can interact with them, often starting a small mini-game. The activities available around the castle are numerous, ranging from simple memory tests to composing your own melody.

During his travels around the castle's corridors, Scooter is assisted by a helpful owl, who acts as the game's options menu and can also teleport you to any chamber.

The game begins in the halls of your (Scooter's) giant magical castle, filled with rooms galore! Each hallway takes you down the path to a great educational adventure. Filled with colourful imagery, silly sounds and imaginative puzzles to help your child develop their spatial awareness from an early age and continue to build and improve their abilties as they grow and develop.

From designing gardens to creating musical tunes, solving puzzles to remembering where everything goes, mixing colours to matching pictures, there's never a moment where you feel like there's nothing to do. The Castle is huge and each room provides a task with hidden nooks and clickable objects to get you and your child to really explore the space.

Overall the design of this point and click game is simple yet eye catchingly colourful. There is no voice acting, but the accents of sound and calming backing track is enough to really fulfill the games needs.

The game is playable in Dutch, English and French, with 3 difficulty settings of Easy, Medium and Hard; perfect for kids aged between 3 and 6.

I would recommend this game to any parent who wishes to find an interactive way to teach their children how to improve their memory and organisational skills whilst still having fun doing so.

Scooter's Magic Castle is a fun edutainment title from EA*Kids, a superb but sadly short-lived series by Electronic Arts. Set in a cartoonish castle environment, the game includes 25 learning games and activities for children aged 5-8. A new game is waiting behind every castle door and stained glass window.

Similar to Broderbund's The Treehouse, each activity in Scooter's Magic Castle teaches a different subject or skill including typing, reading, problem-solving, creativity, and pattern recognition. The game sports a very intuitive interface that is mouse-based - one cursor does everything in the game. Colorful 256-color graphics, fun cartoon animation, and good music round off this neat game that would have established EA*Kids as one of the best edutainment producers around - had it been marketed more widely. Despite few reviews in magazine, though, EA managed to sell this game quite well directly to primary schools in the USA.

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