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Secrets of the Pyramids is an edutainment title that includes 3 modes: a movie, discovery and game mode. The Movie mode presents a dramatic reconstruction of a series of events that could have taken place in Ancient Egypt. The Discovery mode describes Ancient Egypt culture, religion and history. In the Game mode you will follow Harold Peabody - dreamer, adventurer and optimist - on his quest for the hidden tomb of the mythical Pharaoh Ankh-Re. After finding a way to open the door to the pyramid, the player has to explore the pyramid, find useful items and overcome various obstacles. Stepping on the wrong tile or opening a wrong door may result in the untimely death of the hero. To avoid traps and decipher clues the player has to consult an "English-Hieroglyphics translator" found early in the game. Secrets of the Pyramids is a short, inventory-based adventure game with a simple interface (with a "look" and "use" icon). The player can only save one game at a time (by pressing the S-key). The game comes with a soundtrack and some sound effects; comments are shown in message windows that pop-up (no voices).

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