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While philosophy may seem an intimidating subject for some children (and some adults as well), this game follows the spirit of the same-titled book by Jostein Gaarder, on which it is based. Lofty sounding concepts are presented in a familiar, real-world context, through the eyes of a girl who makes a secret friend in a hidden garden, while enjoying summer vacation in the country. The game features stories, puzzles, a great deal of reference material, and 20 virtual environments to explore. Time-honored theories and traditions are discussed in accessible terms, reminding us that true philosophy occurs not in books or classrooms, but only through the honest inward musing of one's own thoughts and beliefs.

Sophie's World is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Jostein Gaarder. As in the book, you explore philosophy through the ages from the point of view of 14 year old Sophie. Rather like the book, it's half a game, and half an educational title.

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