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Super Solvers: Mission T.H.I.N.K. is an entertaining strategy and critical-thinking game targeted at children ages 7-12, and contains puzzles and activities adults will enjoy as well. Six types of puzzles focus on skills in the areas of problem solving, deductive reasoning, patterning and sequencing, cause and effect, and organizing information. All require a keen eye and attention to detail.

Simply getting around the warehouse is fun and enjoyable, as characters go through passageways, jump over pits, bounce off trampolines, ride on water spouts, and swing on pulleys, while at the same time picking up packages and shooting magnets at the nasty Metal Minions. These creatures are an optional feature, but add quite a bit of excitement to the hunt. Most likely, the younger players in the age range will initially want the feature turned off as it does make gameplay more challenging and difficult.

Each puzzle type is uniquely challenging, and becomes more so as the game progresses. For example, "Rush Order" requires you to place various objects on a conveyor belt to complete a pattern. As the levels increase, the patterns become more complex, and by the third level, there are two belts moving simultaneously at a more rapid pace. Even adults may feel challenged at the higher levels.

Super Solvers: Mission T.H.I.N.K. is part of a series that includes other sub-titles like Gizmos and Gadgets, OutNumbered! and Spellbound!. It's fast-paced, requires quick thinking, and logical reasoning skills, or reasonable logic skills, depending on your spin.

Graphics: Animation is smooth and the characters are eye-catching. The opening sequence is especially pleasing, with shaded 2D cartoons giving it a 3D quality.

Sound: The sound effects are noteworthy and speech is very clear.

Enjoyment: The game teaches numerous important skills without losing an ounce of entertainment value.

Replay Value: The game is quite lengthy overall, and should keep children entertained for many hours and sessions. The puzzles are different during each replay, so reaching a goal simply means starting over and trying again with new challenges.

Super Solvers Mission: T.H.I.N.K is a game in the Super Solvers series that involves logic and puzzle solving. Morty Maxwell is up too his old tricks and is trying to take over the Shady Glen Game Factory and change it to his own Morty Maxwell Game Factory with the help of his Metal Minnions. As the Super Solver, players must battle Morty Maxwell at five different strategy games. In order to win back the Game Factory, the Super Solver will recruit help from Rusty, a metal dog who originally was with Morty Maxwell. Players must travel through a warehouse and collect different items in order to play the game and solve puzzles. Some examples include wood, compasses, boats, shovels etc, The Metal Minnions can be avoided by throwing magnets on the ceiling to trap them.

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