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When Wing Commander first came out it was one of the those advanced texture-mapped, gouraud-shaded games that the Amiga struggled with at the time, and was widely regarded as too slow to be playable. That was mostly because the A500 was still considered to be the most popular Amiga, but these days almost everyone has at least an A1200 with some Fast RAM, so maybe Wing Commander's time has come at last.

Wing Commander is similar to Elite and Frontier, but moves the emphasis over to the shoot 'em up side of things. Even so, there are plenty of themed missions which involve protecting ships, destroying enemy patrols, tackling enemy space destroyers and generally saving the galaxy. As the missions unfold, they tell a story which does add a lot to the atmosphere of a game, unlike the usual pap that fills the first couple of pages of your average instruction book.

Against the odds, Wing Commander manages to make a decent, fairly long lasting challenge out of what boils down to a few simple shoot 'em up sections strung together with the occasional strategic interlude. In that respect it's a bit like a version of Cinemaware's Wings, but set in space.

The well known Wing Commander game, one of the first version which was followed by many on other platforms. The gameplay is very similar to the known in the Star Wars games X-Wing. You have to control your ship and shoot the attackers.

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