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This features three of the most bizarre stories I remember reading as a child. The stories all feature a strange Dr. Seuss like character called a zeep and the adventures he has in an equal strange world. I remember one story in particular in which the Zeep literally has butterflies in his stomach which gave him extraordinary abilities such as being able to sing really well. However, things start to fall apart when he's invited to actually sing on stage. It's a magical, fun-filled world of learning for children ages 5 to 10. Three richly animated, original stories of the Wild Zeep provide children with hours of entertainment. The Zeep is a good natured animal brought to life by your child's imagination. In addition, your child will learn valuable lessons about friendship, caring and perseverance. It includes an interactive glossary of words and definitions to help young readers expand their vocabulary and develops reading skills. An easy-to-use format helps children build computer skills.

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