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The title of Travel the World with Timmy is a bit misleading. Instead of traveling the world, Timmy only travels to three countries. And with only five activities per country, play is rather limited.

Travel the World with Timmy is supposed to introduce children to other languages. And yet, with this product, players cannot learn to ask a question or make a complete sentence in any of the languages given. At best, the child will learn the numbers one to ten and a few words in the languages. Its doubtful how much of this they will retain later, or how much it will help them later.

Each country has five activities associated with it. One is to sing a song in the language of that country. Players can sing along, but some of the words (especially those in Japanese) are impossible to read unless you know the language already, even for adults.

Another activity is called "Build a village". This game allows players to place from one to ten items (houses, cats, mothers, fathers, boys and girls, etc.) in a village. Players get to hear the name of the item and the number. (for instance, in Argentina, 10 cats is Dos Gatos). Players can print out their village and color in the picture.

In Make a Story, players are offered a simply story, either starring Timmy or one of his friends from the country players are currently in. Players get to choose what the character likes, where they go, and more. This activity is also print and colorable.

In Arts and Crafts, players get to color artwork reminiscent of that created by artisans from the country they are currently visiting. Once again, players may print out this activity.

And in Games, players may play one of three games, one for each country. In Japan, players get to color and create their own Kabuki theatre, complete with puppets. In Argentina, players get to play a bingo-like game that has pictures instead of numbers. In easier games, players must get a string of pictures in a row, while in the hard game, players must cover their entire board first to win.

In Kenya, players play something like Tic-Tac-Toe. The object is to get three markers in a row. But if the play goes on until all players have used their markers, they can slide their pieces to try and be the first to get three in a row.

In addition to the games, players can consult Timmy's dictionary, which has a number of words, pictures and numbers translated into English, Spanish, Swahili and Japanese.

This game will introduce young players to other languages and cultures, but it doesn't go far enough. Parents should bolster this CD with language tapes and books if they want children to pick up anything besides a few words and numbers.

Graphics: Cartoonish, but very nice.

Sound: Loud and clear, easy to hear.

Enjoyment: Enjoyable, but little substance.

Replay Value: Players can revisit the countries as many times as they wish, but due to the limited number of games and activities, replay is severely limited.

This computer game offers kids a wonderfully interactive passport to the sights, sounds and customs of three diverse countries--Argentina, Japan and Kenya. With its colorfully illustrated vocabulary exercises, fun games and puzzles, maps, and changeable costumes and backgrounds, the game keeps the players so entertained they could easily forget they are learning a thing or two about other cultures.

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