Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders Download (1988 Amiga Game)

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Zak's saga is played out pretty much in the style of Lucasfilm's other joystick operated adventure game - Maniac Mansion. The action of Zak and his mates is controlled using cursor, joystick and a menu system of possible commands and displayed a bit like a film in the top half of the screen. Basically, you move the cursor over verbs like WALK TO and USE and then move it over the appropriate object either on the screen or in your inventory. Easy eh?

It's up to you and your own little set of brain cells to direct Zak from his humble first floor flat to Miami, Stonehenge, Mexico, Seattle and finally... wait for it, wait for it... MARS. Wooh!

Meantime, Zak can go into all sorts of different shops, buy a Groucho Marx disguise, watch TV, play with his pet sushi, get on buses, turn on taps, talk to religious devotees, try to map a Mayan maze in Mexico, look for a space suit, collect ancient artifacts, mess about with holographic projectors, explore secret chambers, try to survive an encounter with a shark and play the kazoo to his heart's content. It might not always do any good but anything's worth a try when the future of the world's at stake. Well it is, innit?

Every now and again the action's interrupted by cut-scenes, little cinematic scenarios designed to let you know what's going on. You don't control these - you just sit quietly with your legs crossed and watch.

When you finally meet up with one of the other three characters (and remember, you're all gonna be heroes) you can even select SWITCH to become a girly. Far out!

And that's about it really. Well, OK, there's quite a lot more but to find about all that, you'll just have to play it, won't you?

Maniac Mansion, Loom, are you familiar with that names? Zak McKracken & The Alien Mindbenders has the same engine, and graphics. It's a bestseller, one of the most famous detective-adventure games on C64. This version is the Amiga port, unfortunaltely not many things changed since the C64 version.

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