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Zool 2 takes everything that was great about the first game and retains it. It takes everything that was merely very good about the first game, and improves on it. Then it takes a few things that weren't even in the first game, casts them into the melting pot, stirs the mixture well, leaves it for a while, and then whips off the lid to reveal the best platformer yet.

If there is a criticism that can be levelled at the original Zool, it is lack of depth to the gameplay. Zool simply isn't a platform puzzler. It's a straight ahead romp. Start at the beginning of the level and rush to the end, bopping baddies and gathering goodies on the way. Beat the clock, don't lose a life and you're laughing. So, what's changed? Well for those of you who are not intimately acquainted with the first game, it featured a ninja alien from the 'n'th dimension. Don't believe anyone who tells you he was an ant, because he wasn't!

Girly on board

This time round Zool has a buddy, or should that be buddess? Anyway, the female of his species has joined him to help beat the nasties. The action takes place on six more graphically-themed worlds, and you can choose to play either Zool, or his alien girlfriend, Zooz. The levels are more involved than last time, and each has more than one route to the end. Which way you go about completing the level depends on which of the characters you are playing, because each has different abilities, which open up different routes.

Zooz, for instance, can jump and spin, in a similar way to Zool himself. But when she lands she can penetrate some floor areas, giving her access to lower levels that Zool may not be able to reach. Zool has some nifty new moves too, including a killer backspin he activates by kicking off a vertical surface. One big improvement is that Zool and Zooz can both climb up most (but not all) vertical surfaces, rather than having to jump up as in the first game.

This was by far the most annoying aspect of the original Zool, because getting Zool to ascend the walls by bouncing off, and sticking back on was a tad tricky to control, and when he hit a Chocolate Spiky he was flung off the wall in a way that was most difficult to handle. Now if Zool (or Zooz) crawls past any kind of wall-clinging nasty he (or she) just incurs an energy penalty.

In a spin

This time round you have five energy points to lose, rather than three. You'll need 'em! Throw in a dog called Zoon (although I can't find him), two baddies called Krool (Cruel, get it?) and Mental Block, a Sonic 2 like tube section, the world's best selling lollipop, and three different difficulty levels, and you end up with the year's best platformer - for the second year in succession.

There is some slowdown on on A500/600, but on an A1200 this game is fast, smooth-scrolling and completely jerk-free. Well done Gremlin, this really is the game to make people forget all about that damned hedgehog. Zool 2 is faster and franticer than any Amiga game ever seen.

The game about the Chupa Chups and it's hero. It's like the 7up and the Cool Spot :) The 2-nd edition has nice, colorful AGA graphics, but a little bit slow movement, with not an easy control. Anyway, worth to give it a try.

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