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I've encountered this game from a rather naive point of view. Until now. I've somehow managed to avoid running into a single role-playing game in my career as a review (I thought RPGs were nasty little bits of military equipment that us Europeans sold indiscriminately to the Third World).

I've always assumed, having played the primitive progenitors of the modern RPG. that they were just primitive hack-and-slash. I'm afraid I have to admit that I was wrong. Bard's Talc II has me firmly converted to the genre, and I have to agree with my learned colleague Gordon Hamlett: The adventure is dead, long live the roleplaying game'.

Bard's Tale combines its role-playing element with the best elements of the traditional adventure quest. It's also a hell of a big game. The scenario is that you are seeking the seven fragments of the shattered Destiny Wand across The Realm, which consists of six cities, each of which has a dungeon, plus a wilderness outside, in which there are even more dungeons.

There are many aims in the game. The ultimate one is of course to unite the Destiny Wand leading the demise of Lagoth Zanta, the villain of the peace. That's going to take a long time - until you've gained many, many experience points for your characters, large areas of the game are totally no-go. But there are minor sub-quests such as the starter dungeon, where you can seek to release a captured princess. Even this is far from being a cinch (I haven't done it yet).

Throughout the action. The Bard is probably one of your most important classes of characters. Provided you keep this dissolute folkie tanked up with ale, he's able to produce songs to hold monsters, increase your armour points, and so forth. Always protect your Bard.

A final point is that this is definitely a game that benefits from the Amiga. The little animations that accompany the pictures of each character really help the atmosphere, and the screen is very pleasing to contemplate - it's not half as soothing looking at the C64 version. Definitely my favourite game of the month. I'll probably still be playing it this time next year!

The sequel to the popular RPG Bard's Tale. Bard's Tale 2 uses the same engine as the original with similar gameplay, but takes place in a much larger game world, featuring several different cities. You can generate new characters or import characters from the previous Bard's Tale.

The Destiny Wand has been shattered into seven pieces and spread over the realm. You, as the destiny knight, must whip up a band of adventurers and track down those pieces and reassemble the wand. To track down all the pieces, you must defeat hordes of monsters and the evil archmage, Lagoth Zanta.

This game is much like Bard's Tale I in layout and sound. But the world here is not a single town with lots of mazes. This game offers mazes (of course), and seven different towns to explore!

A number of races and classes to choose from, plus 5 different mage classes! All in all a good rpg. Definately worth a try.

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