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Solving devilishly hard riddles and ridding Gotham City of foes is all in a day's work for Batman. The adventures of the super hero continue apace in this 'arcade adventure' game.

The game consists of two plots involving Batman's deadliest enemies - The Penguin and The Joker. In The Penguin puzzle, the bird has really gone quackers. He plans to take over the world using an army of robotic penguins! As Batman you have to close down the hidden master control computer and put an end to this evil conspiracy. In the Joker riddle, the laughing jackass has kidnapped Robin and has plans to blow him up. Saving your number two is not an easy task as you roam the street of Gotham City forlornly looking for the Boy Blunder. To solve these two conundrums makes the old grey matter work overtime and the race against time gets the adrenalin going.

The comic strip style graphics are excellent and add to the overall appeal of the game. As the musclebound Batman, the player moves to different locations such as the Batcave or the street of Gotham City, picking up clues and objects to help in your quest. Some objects are especially handy. The sweeties will replenish your energy and the training shoe make Batman move like a maniac on speed. The utility screen can be obtained by pulling down the joystick and pressing fire. This reveals the objects collected and energy status - the face of Batman eerily turns into a skull as his life drains away.

Batman has a great deal to offer: a snazzy soundtrack, good animation and interesting gameplay. However, the puzzles are very difficult to solve and the lack of Splat! Pow! when Batman biffs somebody make it a trifle disappointing. A must for big kids.

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