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The year is 2085, and the Satellite TV Companies rule the world. Each home has 952 channels to choose from - one plays constant re-runs of Neighbours. The demand for Sports coverage is insatiable, and there's a growth market in Robotic games. The main event, known as Botic, is a sort of mechanised soccer. The metallic opponents face one another from opposite ends of the field - an enclosed area, with elongated gaps behind each player.

They're the goals, and the aim of the game is to bounce an android ball past your android opponent into the goal mouth. Succeed, and you move on to the next play-field, the area beyond the window you've shot through. Got that? It's sort of wandering soccer, moving from pitch to pitch as goals arc scored. Keep scoring, and you keep driving your opponent back. After four failures, the game is over.

Botics is essentially a simple little game, and it's quite enjoyable to play. It's a bit like Arkanoid - or even Pong, the first ever computer game -because all you've got to do is move your bat back and forth to meet the ball. This time it's in three dimensions, so you need to be at the right height as well.

Simple or not, it's beautifully presented. The game scenario is developed nicely, with robotic sportscasters announcing the games and even robotic cheer squads. Sounds are nice, with good use of speech and other effects. All in all, very smooth, but not much depth.

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