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California Games? The only sort of games I play in California take place in motel bedrooms (arf, arf). Not exactly family entertainment, eh? But these are the games played by those fitness freak Yanks with the gormless toothy grins.

The games are skateboarding (that takes me back), foot bag, surfing, roller skating, BMX racing and flying disk (frisbee to you and me). Being American it's all competitive with up to eight competitors able to try out in all events and hopefully win the championship. It's not only competitive though - it's fun too.

The surfin' and frisbee were me faves but it's all quite a larf. All that exercise without needin' to leave your armchair. If all this inspires you to get fit, I could really do you a favour - I'm doin' a nice little line in genuine Reetech trainers, yours for just a fiver.

California Games is one of the few sporting games that has looked great on every platform it was ever released on. Maybe because all versions looks almost the same :) You can play it with many human players to compare your strenght.

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