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Rome - 275 BC. Since its evolvement under the reign of Romulus and Remus, the city has diversified considerably and has now become the centre of all activity in the province of Italia. The petty kingdoms have all been united and the Roman Empire has taken its form. Now, the hand of Rome must spew fourth into the rest of the world. Conquest is at hand!

You must take the part of one of the many Roman officers with the province of Italia under your control. If you are to rise in rank and become popular with the people you will need to be diplomatic, strong and fair. Your legion begins the game in the province of Italia and the provinces presently under your control are outlined in blue. Your main objective is to spread the Roman Empire into the other provinces, either by diplomacy, alliance or bloody war. When you move your legion counter into an enemy region the natives come and face you at the border. There you can discuss proposals of an alliance. If they fail to abide by your wishes you can wage war on them.

The battle sequences show your legion and the enemy soldiers facing each other. Your commander is riding a horse. It is your decision as to what type of fighting stance the legion takes but you'll need to choose wisely to counter the enemy's tactics. After a short fanfare of trumpets the two armies march towards each other banging their shields. Each unit of soldiers and cavalry has a movement indicator which can be selected to alter their tactics but is very rarely needed. The weaker enemy will retreat straight away and most will end up dead on the battlefield. But the battle is only truly over when the white flag is raised by their commander.

Once a battle is over the legion must be strengthened otherwise it will lose its grip on the province it has just captured. A tribute must be set which acts as a form of taxation and the residents kept happy with the occasional gladiator fight or chariot race. From here it's on with the next invasion.

Unfortunately, the wind doesn't blow in one way and enemy armies will regularly attack your captured provinces. If there is a legion already there they will have to fight for control. But if there isn't, the province will automatically fall into enemy hands. Battle doesn't take place just on land. Sea battles are extremely commonplace and if you are to rid the seas of troublesome devils you will need to rise in rank and build a fleet of ships which are expensive. You must control your ships as they enter the fray, avoiding the enemy and firing your fireballs and arrows. If you are skilful, the enemy vessel will sink into the depths and the threat will be over.

The countries under your control will need regular amusement in the form of a gladiator fight or chariot race. You must select a gladiator and opponent and train them both up. The fighting is controlled with the joystick, the fire button delivering a simple thrust and slash. If you can deplete your opponent's energy to zero he will fall to the ground and you will be required to either kill or spare him. Choose wisely as the spectators will have already made up their minds.

As you rise in rank you will be able to buy more ships and upgrade your armies as well as raise new ones. The golden rule is to keep the empire happy and contented. Treat the people fairly and they will be loyal. Treat them badly and they will revolt. Who knows? If you become powerful enough you may even be invited to a dinner party with Cleopatra herself. But you've got a long way to go before that time.


Veni, vidi, vici!

Julius Cesar

That's what You have to do - conquer the "Old world". You start with one legion in Rome (whose people are very restless in the beginning). The game offers a lot - battles, diplomacy, entertainment for people (arcade part of the game in which You race chariots or fight gladiators)... Each country You attack is represented by it's historical leader and sometimes You may even make them join You without fight! In the part that covers battle you control everything - starting formation of Your armies, their orders, special orders, retreats... Just be careful not to lose leader or Your troop's morale will drop. Great strategy game.

Defender of Rome. A very nice table strategy game, where you can conquer the whole continent, as the leader of Roman empire! It has fine graphics and sound. Centurion also was released on PC and it was one of the pc gamers' favorite.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.79 MB).


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