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Although the title evokes poodles with popguns, in Dogs of War you (and an optional partner) are mercenaries.

Choose your mission from an international dozen. Before the fighting starts both players have several thousand credits to spend in the armory. Weapons include various pistols, rifles machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, and even a flame-thrower. You can buy more than one weapons (and switch between them during play) but you'll need to buy plenty of ammo.

The action itself is shown from overhead, the play area first scrolling upwards then left, up, right etc. Enemy soldiers swarm in, firing machine guns and throwing grenades while additional hazards include mines, jeeps and gun turrets.

It's an agressive shooting action game, which was 'Banned in Germany' at that time. With a modern point of view it looks very funny. A nice action shooter in the style of Commando and Chaos Engine.

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