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Dragonstrike is the first and as far as I know, the only dragon combat simulator on the Amiga. And it's based around the Dragonlance chronicles. You must mount one of the many good dragons that roam the fantastic land of Krynn and do battle against the evil dragon armies under the command of the likes of Lord Verminaard.

Using your great dragon as a mount, you must fly the dragon using similar controls to that of an aircraft, with the exception that you don't carry any cannons - only breath weapons! The different breath attacks your dragon can make depend on the colour of its skin: Bronze dragons breath both lightning and repulsion gas, silvers have the ability to launch cones of cold and paralysation attacks; and finally, the great gold dragon can breath a cone of fire as well as chlorine gas.

However, these good dragons have their work cut out for them with an ample supply of enemy forces to battle against. There are six evil dragons in all: white, black, green, blue, red and finally, the devastating death dragon. On top of this, Manticores will often attack you, along with the Sivak Draconians and small flying lizards named Wyverns. As you lock horns with other dragons, both your rider and mount will lose energy as the enemy makes a successful hit Thankfully you can replenish some of this lost power by using the ointments that you are given, and the other items, such as the ring of feather-fall, will make your life a little easier.


I'm a great fan of flight simulators, so I was quite looking forward to playing Dragonstrike, as it seemed quite a novel twist to the usual Falcon-style sim. Although the graphics aren't that impressive, the gameplay is both addictive and enjoyable, but slightly repetitive. However, I'll guarantee you'll keep coming back for more.


It must be said that Dragonstrike isn't quite what you might expect under the TSR label. It's not just another RPG, it is more of a flight sim. However, don't let this put you off. The game plays well and shooting down dragons and rising through the ranks of the knighthood is amazing fun and really addictive. Dragonstrike is very good and should please many a shoot'em-up or flight sim person.


The game area only takes up half of the screen, making the field of vision too small. The vectors are jerky, but the still-shots add to the game atmosphere.

Apart from the odd tune, there is no music. The only other sound is the cry of the dragons as they fall and the roar as your mount launches a breath attack!

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.79 MB).


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